A sports injury can be a minor set back or completely debilitating.  The actions you take after your injury may determine how long it will take you to recover.

If you get injured while playing sports, the extent of the injury and level of pain will dictate the actions you take. The most common sports injuries are sprains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, Achilles tendon injuries, fractures and dislocations.

If you are in a lot of pain, the best thing to do is get the sports injury diagnosed. If your coach thinks your injury is bad enough to warrant a doctor or emergency room visit, by all means do it.

The RICE Method:

  • Rest: Initially, do not do anything that brings on pain for two or three days
  • Ice or Heat: Ice will reduce swelling and pain. Heat will increase blood flow and could be detrimental immediately following an injury. Heat will help your muscles relax once a few days have passed.
  • Compression Bandage: A compression bandage can help to control swelling or bleeding the first few days. In more severe cases, you may need a ridged support.
  • Elevation: By elevating your injury you can prevent swelling. Leg or arm injuries should be above the heart.

Visit your Physical Therapist: Research has shown that physical therapy treatments can decrease healing time, strengthen the injured area and improve performance when you return to your sport (depending on the type of injury).

If you do nothing, you risk lingering pain, and the odds of you re-injuring yourself increase.

What should I do after a Sports Injury?

2 thoughts on “What should I do after a Sports Injury?

  • August 31, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks for your comment about how after you have gotten involved in a sports related injury, you should try to rest for a couple of days. I appreciate your suggestion to contact a local physical therapist to quicken the healing process. My cousin injured himself playing soccer, and he is considering sports injury physical therapy.

  • January 4, 2018 at 9:57 am

    My son is playing in a lot of sports this year, and I have been wondering what we should do if he ever gets injured. Thank you for the tips on what we should do! I’m glad you mentioned that seeing a physical therapist can help decrease healing time as well. We will have to do that if he ever gets injured.


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