Like most physical therapy offices, we have some patients that do not do their homework while under our care. Unfortunately, this slows down the healing process. Once a physical therapy patient has achieved their goals and is no longer under our regular care, we have even less of an idea what they are doing at home to ensure they stay fit and strong.

What happens to your exercise routine once you have completed your physical therapy sessions?

If you are like most patients, you tend to slip off your regimen, which puts you at risk for re-injury. Increasing movement, even after you have completed your physical therapy treatments, is imperative to your long-term health and well being. The body requires consistent movement to maintain optimum functionality. Our physical therapy office offers some options to help you stay on track for optimal health.

The Annual Physical Therapy checkup:

Even if you are no longer in our care on a regular basis, we encourage you to come in once a year so we can assess your progress and ensure you are not under or over working your body. While you are with us, we can address any additional physical concerns you may have, addressing any minor health issues before they become major ones.

Our Monthly Stay Fit Program:

For a small monthly fee, you have access to the exercise equipment in our office. Our bicycles, treadmills and weight machines are at your disposal plus you have the added benefit of our physical therapists keeping an eye on you and ensure you are using the equipment properly and within your physical means. Each Stay Fit program member gets a brief assessment from our physical therapist and we can suggest the best exercises for you to achieve your physical goals.

Commit to keeping your body working well by participating in some program similar to your physical therapy treatments to motivate you to keep movement. Remember: Movement matters.

Staying on Track after Physical Therapy

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