You can pinch a nerve just about anywhere in your body. A pinched nerve occurs when there is too much pressure on a nerve from bones, muscles cartilage or tendons. When a nerve becomes Can Physical Therapy Help a Pinched Nerve?pinched, the result is pain, numbness or a tingling sensation. You may not experience pain in the location of the pinched nerve. A pinched nerve in the back, for example, may be felt in your hips, thighs, buttocks or feet.

Medications can mask the pain, but you should also consider taking proactive measures to heal the source.

Pinched nerves can occur from repetitive motion or being in one position too long, such as sitting behind a desk. Pinched nerves can turn into series conditions and should be addressed.

Your physical therapist can help by designing a program that will assist in your recovery. A physical therapy program combines passive therapies, where a therapist works on you, with active treatments, the exercises you do. The goal of treatment is to Increase muscle strength and flexibility. This will help to support the area around the pinched nerve. If you have a pinched nerve in your back, a physical therapist may recommend abdominal exercises to strengthen the core muscles and help stabilize the spine.

Can Physical Therapy Help a Pinched Nerve?

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